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Guest Post By Yousra Chaabane.

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If guys disrespect a female in any way, they should not be considered men but boys.

I read this sentence a few days ago and it made me think a lot. For me it is normal to be respected as a woman, because I live in the Netherlands and there, most of the time, a woman will be respected. But what if I lived in a country where that wasn’t the case? For example what if I lived in a country where it was really normal for men to hit women?
The first thing I thought when I thought about that was: I would leave, I wouldn’t be able to live under those circumstances. But then again, what if you are used to that?

I think the role of women in modern day society is different in every culture and every country. For example in Saudi Arabia women aren’t allowed to drive a car, which in my opinion is really odd, however I do believe that if you are used to it, that you would think of that as really normal.
That’s the case isn’t it? What is or isn’t normal?
Is it normal for a woman to be free? Or should she do whatever her husband or her father tells her to do? Is it normal for a woman to drive a car? Or should she be driven by her husband. Is it normal for a woman to have a job? Or should she stay at home to take care of the kids.
This are all questions which, in my opinion, can’t be answered.
Everybody creates their own reality, and everybody lives in the way that they think is right, maybe some women don’t want to have a job, drive a car or be free.

On the other hand, who gave men such a privileged position? Who said that men were supposed to tell women what to do? Why isn’t it the other way around?

In my opinion, the most important thing for everybody is to be free, whether you are a man or a woman, everybody deserves freedom. Therefore I believe that every woman should be allowed to make her own decisions, she should be allowed to have a job if she wants to and she should be allowed to let the world hear her voice if she wants to.
Therefore I think that the Netherlands is heading in the right position, although still 90 percent of the top business functions are still in the hands of men, But there is progress! Let’s be proud of that.
So I would say: Respect your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend. She deserves it.
And men think about this: How would you feel if your wife wouldn’t let you drive the car 😉


This post is written by Yousra Chaabane who is a dutch, studying in Baudartius College, Netherlands. Interests Include: Horseriding, Dancing, Singing,


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