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An Interview.

This is a guest post compiled by Jehanzeb Mirza for Project Unify Blog. If you want to write a guest post then please contact us. The views expressed by the author and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Project Unify Team.

This is an interview kind of a thing. I have gathered answers from many people belonging to different parts of the world so that we can have an idea about what different people think about one thing.

The question which I asked all of them and their response is as follows.

Question: Who do you think is responsible for the current situation of this world, regarding to the lack of peace?


  • Mother Teresa (German)  : “If we have no peace, It is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

  • Mahatama Gandhi (Indian) : “The world is a dangerous place, not because of the people who are evil. But because of the people who do nothing about it.”


  • Asad Jamal Malik (Pakistani) : “The human instinct is responsible. We will never have “peace”. It’s virtually impossible. It’s human instinct and we will always be in conflict. But I do believe that we can get rid of “Physical War”. There’s no one who we can blame for not having peace. The definition of peace is also fairly subjective. We can always work towards getting as close to peace as we can.
  • Ayesha Ahmed Jalal (Pakistani) : “Well, to be honest , the people themself are responsible for the present situation of world and its lack of peace. Lack of faith, selfishness, lack of pity and extreme pride on worldy achievments contribute as some of the many factors found in present day man.”


  • Yousra Chaabane (Dutch) : “Is that there’s war and everything because of the people. Every single human being is responsible. Either because they did something to create problems or because they did nothing to stop them.”


  • Giuliana De Polo (Argentinian) : “I think that society has lost the notion of mutual respect and consideration. Men have became more ambitious and don’t care about others life, so the ideas of a community, working together and contribuite with something that involves more than personal interests are becoming almost irrelevant. Everyone who doesn’t care about these is responsible.”


  • Marti Kuret (Argentinian) : “I think we are all responsible, because even if we do not discriminate people or if we are not violent, there is only a very small amount of people who want to change the situation.”


  • Florencia Ametlla (Argentinian) : “We are all responsible infront of this situation. everyone in differents ways . For those who stay idly by, and for those who are searching peace in the world, without finding the peace with himself.”
  • Andela Roncevic (Croat) : “My personal belief is that the lack of education and knowledge about other nationalities, societies, communities, ways of seeing and behaving is actually the main reason for the lack of Peace. How can you be friend with someone you do not know don’t even want to know? Stereotypes are one of the most dangerous diseases of modern world.”
  • Sophie (German) : ”Everyone of us. You can’t blame society, iwe are society. And the problem is that people don’t stand up against something because thy are probably too convinient. ”


  • Florencia Mesa (Uruguayan) : “Well I think the lack of peace and the situation in the world corresponds to the Responsibility of all of us and the Lack of comprehensive understanding, there is no peace, there is no respect between us Because we do not take out  time to listen and to understand other cultures. We have to Understand the problems around us. I think if we all change a bit and do our bit, I believe that peace could exisit.”


  • Myra Shaukat (Pakistani) : “I believe this question isn’t at all a big issue. We’ve made it complicated because its our own fault and we do not want to admit it. Each and every person who does not follow his social and moral duties is responsible for the current situation of the world. We’ll get rid of all problems if we define our ideals rationally and follow them. We need to. We need to take practical steps and educate people about their duties to their societies in particular and the whole world in general.”


  • Jehanzeb Mirza (Pakistani) : “Our internal greed and the desire to have a supereme command on others is I think responsible for the present state of the world. Our minds have become less ethical and more materialistic and our approach towards things needs to be questioned. It is basically “WE” who are faltering. A totally peaceful world can only be perhaps found on paper, it is a bitter fact that a perfectly peaceful exsistence of people having different idealogical beliefs is hard to achieve but the situation can be much better if we change as individuals!”
This post is compiled by Jehanzeb Mirza, who is a Pakistani.

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