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Guest Post by Jehanzeb Mirza.

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Our planet Earth is beautiful but fragile. Even the slightest of mishandling and negligence of things can destroy it to bits. It is not necessary that it will be destroyed suddenly, But it will take time and eventually it will ‘Die’.

The topic on which I am going to write about is a very serious issue and probably most of you know about the fact that how dangerous these plastic bags are.
The plastic bags are not bio-degradable and it is thought that it will take about a 1000 years for a plastic bag to disintegrate in to smaller particles, even then it would continue to be a serious threat and will continue to pollute soil and water.

Many of you may think that these plastic bags can be discarded in the landfills, but my dear friends, ‘The danger out of sight is still a danger’.

If we discard the plastic bags in the land then it is like saving ourselves and ‘Choking the earth to death’. One may even call it a murder!

The other problem is that about 3 trillion plastic bags are produces every year and its manufacture takes millions of gallons of our fuel, which it self is running out fast. It can be basically saved and hence it can be used for transportation and heating.

Now to talk some things about the facts and figures.

As I just mentioned that about 3 trillion plastics bags are manufactured each year, USA alone uses about 100 billion plastic bags per annum, but China leads the pack by some distance, In China about 3 billion of these plastic bags are used daily and are thrown away after use, The total pieces of these plastic bags floating in every square mile of our oceans is about 46000, To talk about the whole world, More than 1 million plastic bags are used every minute.
These facts send shivers down my spine. I also use these bags but you see its the time to change, Many countries have had strict actions being taken against the production of these bags and the situation is getting better but still the lack of awareness is perhaps getting the better of us and everyday the demand is increasing.
Still I am happy to see that in my country, Some super markets don’t give plastic bags and instead use the bags made of ¬†cloth. It is really a good idea to replace these plastic bags with the bags made up of cloth.
Now how can I forget the danger these plastic bags have for the animals, millions of animals die each year just by swallowing these plastic bags, mistaking it for food. They ultimately end up choking to death.
Just think about it for a while before your own pet dog, whom you love so much chokes to death by swallowing a piece of the plastic bag which you had just thrown away after coming back from the market!
The time has come when we really think about it and the super powers, in fact all the countries of the world come together to ponder on this thing before it is too late.
As for us, I think it is a high time to make a choice, that either we want our easiness or we want a future, a friendly environment, our mother nature for our generations to come…

This post is written by Jehanzeb Mirza who is a Pakistani. (Twitter: @JehanzabMirza)

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