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Guest Post by Danial Ali.

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”Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world is progressing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we be left behind by others but wiped out altogether” – Quaid-e-Azam

It has been 67 years since we got independence but after such a long span of time I, being an ordinary student, still think that do I really belong to an independent state? We always blame our system for everything but have we ever tried of changing it? Instead we have been following it like blinds which is leading us to no where. We always say that we are obliged to follow it because we have an approach of surviving in this world but does that survival gives you everything, all that you need? I’m afraid NO! And if anyone says yes then think again, there’s a lot more to life.

I’m just about to enter the university life and I am still not satisfied from what I’ve been studying for the past 14 years. It has been a sad dilemma of our system that many students think the same as I do. I want to share my own experience that what an ordinary student of this country wants in the system on behalf of my all fellows.

Education? Everybody has its own defination. I call Education a freedom, freedom of thoughts and freedom of action. It’s about transferring one’s knowledge and skill to the next generation that let us have a different outlook of everything  with an open and fresh mind. It gives you the ability to perceive things in your own way. It transforms one’s nature. So doesn’t it gives us an idea of how much importance it possesses in our lives? The demand for education is increasing day by day in developing countries like Pakistan.

Education in our country has become a business. The value of merit and a good degree is a lot more than the intellectuality in student life. The system in which we are studying is for memory building instead of teaching skills to think on your own. Every student is not the same, everybody cannot do the cramming and make his life. Some students don’t even bother to do anything just because they lack interest because of such corrupt environment. Who doesn’t want to study? Everybody aims of being educated and to become successful so why not make education something which everybody should find interesting and enjoy instead of a burden?

There are three type of schools in our country i.e Government, so called English medium ones and of O/A levels of elite class. Don’t you think same quality of education is a right of every human? Why can’t the Government schools be same like O/A levels? Is this because we don’t have enough resources? If yes, then instead of making things like METRO and giving laptops or youth loans, can’t the government invest in education to make things better? I don’t see any point in providing such facilities to a nation where some people don’t have food, shelter and clothes. If we see around in the world then to stay globally competitive, every developing country is investing in education. Promoting such a division and degree discrimination is actually creating superiority complex between students.

Let’s not compare our system with any other in the world. Our system can itself be an ideal one if we make some corrections in it if institutions starts giving education in its literal meaning instead of business. The books which have been in use for about more than 40 years since now, don’t you think it’s too old? Then giving concept is one thing but cramming each and everything just to gain marks out of them is of no use in practical life. The world is moving on day by day.

Many students often study the languages better because the material in those is of practical implement and of everybody’s interest. Science can be taught like languages. Science is just not limited to learning theories and formulas. It’s a whole complete new world. If different fields of science are taught as a skill instead of a subject then there would be a huge difference because it will become of students interest then. It will eventually then become even more useful in a person’s practical life and I really hope of some inventions coming later from us.

The concept of the class environment is totally a bad one. It’s like a study jail where a teacher comes delivers his lecture and students are supposed to listen it. ‘Question’ which is the most important thing in life is seldom allowed by some people whereas majority sticks us to the what is in our course books or what is of our level. What do you even mean by ‘level’? If that’s the case then how could people like Arfa Kareem and Mark Zuckerburg would have done such brilliant things in such small ages? I bet there are many students out there who share the same ability as other genius people of the world do but the only difference is in motivation. It’s nothing more than a lame excuse to limit our thoughts. A class room should be place where students should discuss different matters, do the research and work together with different tactics, sharing their views and experiences which can enhance their knowledge, learning and various skills in a better way. Digital learning should become an integral part of our system. Exams should be about checking the actual ability of a student through different ways. Preparing such lengthy notes then writing them in exams, what would they benefit us? I bet many students forget those when they enter a new class. Why not take exams in such a way that things should stay in a student’s mind forever?

Building a student’s character is the foremost important thing but unfortunately our system has been successful in making us extremists. There are students who have the ability to think critically but the majority is under a trap. As we all know Pakistanis have been labelled as terrorists around the world but no body knows it is the other way around. I personally have experienced that we are in a state of mental war. We are not taught to put a hand forward for peace instead we are being told the old stories and stuff which then detrack us. We live in the twenty first century where peace has been a global issue and many countries are contributing to make situation better. Our religion is based on love so we are supposed to follow that and the most important role can be played by students if they are given the correct guidence. There has always been a clash between philosophy and spiritual beliefs but a good student possess both qualities and such things should be promoted in every school so that every Pakistani should be known by his good moral values first.

Many of you might have thought about everything before but the main purpose of this is to give a wake up call because the current system has not been able to make our life better. Besides this I believe if a nation really wants to change themselves then they should bring a change in its education department first because the next generation will then be the same as what we want. So I really want each Pakistani to rethink on what we are doing and the government should take this problem as a serious issue. It doesn’t really matter where you come from or who you are as long as you do the right thing and if we stand together as a nation than such changes can happen. We are the future of this nation and as Abraham Lincon said right

‘The best way to predict future is to create it.’



This post is written by Danial Ali who is a Pakistani. Twitter:@Daaaniyal

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