Hey! We are really grateful you took interest in this project. The thing is that the global media paints pictures of different countries based on individual incidents. We want youth from different countries to come forward and tell the world about all the positive things related to their countries which people don’t generally know of. (Read About Us)

 What do I have to do as an Ambassador?

Basically it’s just a (really) lengthy article (3000 words) you must write on your country. I know it’s quite a burden to write 3000 words yourself so we have decided that more than one person can collectively write an article. Article’s written by teenagers from all countries will be put on the “Countries” section of this website. (Read Articles from Other Countries)

What do I get for being Ambassador?

1. An ultimate opportunity to present the real image of your country in front of the world.

Not Enough?

2. We will also give you an e-certificate for it.
3. If you want to give a link to your own blog or twitter account in the author description you will be allowed.

Are there any Requirements?

If you want to become an Ambassador:

1. You must be between 15-25 years of age.
2. You must check if we need an Ambassador from your country or not. ( Contact Us )
3. Good English skills will be appreciated.

What do I do to become an Ambassador?

Just head over to our “Contact Us” page and send us a message. Just show us that you’re interested and want to join.

Remember to tell us which country you’re from and your age.

We have a special group on Facebook for our Ambassadors. You will be added in it when you send us the mail. We will also send you a detailed “Ambassador Pack” which will contain all details you need to write the article. It will include details on time limits/time management, tips for the article, examples and other helpful information. We are looking forward to working with you on this!

Can I do anything else for this project?

If your country already has ambassadors, you are above the age limit or if you don’t have enough time to write a 3000 word piece then you can still take part in this project!

1. You can write a guest post for our blog section. It can be about any recent happening in your country, a special event or just a post to express your views on international relations. (Contact Us)

2. We are still looking for more ways in which people can volunteer. If you have an idea then please feel free to contact us!

3. If you are a social activist and willing to spread the word about this project then please contact us too.