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Guest Post By Andela Roncevic

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 Memorable London for Croatia

This year’s Olympics were intese, potential, beefy, memorable and very successful for Croats. We have won five medals in Athens and Beijing. Now we have the same number of them beacuse even though we are still waiting for the bronze medal of our male handball team and for a gold or silver medal of our water polo team! Also, we have never won two gold medals until this year.
Croatian athletes have won twenty-one medal at the Summer Olympic Games mostly in tennis, rowning, taekwondo and water polo. At the Winter Olympics we won ten medals which we can thank to Janica and Ivica Kosteli? (alpine skiing) and Jakov Fak (biathlon).
This year’s most successful athletes were :
Sandra Perkovi?, a Croatian discus thrower and European and Olympic champion. Perkovi? is coached by Ivan Ivan?i?, a former Olympic shot putter. She made her personal best and also a national record in August 2012 at the Olympics in London which is 69.11 meters!
In June 2011 Perkovi? failed two doping tests. She tested positive for some substances that were not allowed by World Anti-Doping Agency, but she claimed that she had been using one American energy drink without knowing that the drugs were in it. This year she is back and she proved to everyone that hard work really pays off at the end!
Lucija Zaninovi? is a Croatian taekwondo practitioner. She won a bronze medal after defeating Jannet Allegria. This was the third medal for Croatia at the Olympics in taekwondo, after Martina Zub?i? and Sandra Šari? who also won the bronze four years ago in Beijing.

Her twin sister Ana Zaninovi? is a current world champion in teakwondo.
Giovanni Cernogoraz is a Croatian sports shooter who won the Olympic gold medal in men’s trap. Cernogoraz scored 24 out of a possible 25, with a total score of 146, equalling the Olympic record and securing a shoot-off for the gold.
Damir Martin,Martin Sinkovi?, Valent Sinkovi? and David Šain are the Croatian rowers who won the silver medal . Our athletes were little disappointed after the race, because their wish was to win the gold medal beacuse during the whole year they were the best in all competitions. But no need to worry, we are very proud of our young team and we are sure that they will achive even more medals in future.
Croats are still tensely waiting for Sunday – when our water polo team fill play for the gold medal against Italy. Croatia has played in four Olympic tournaments, and the greatest result is silver in 1996. Hope that 2012 will be golden for them.


Also, we are keeping our fingers crossed for our handball team guided by fantastic Ivano Bali?! They were the world champions in 2003 and making our country ever proud since than!

We want the best of luck to all of our athletes in future. You made us very proud and we are sure that you will be make us even more prouder in the future! Expect some great welcoming celebrations when you come back.


This post is written by Andela Roncevic who is a Croat, studying in United World College of Adriatic. Interests Include:  Things connected with art- Art History, Arhitecture, Restoration, Interior design, painting, Gastronomy, gardening, spending time in the library, riding bicycle, climbing, watching


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