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Guest post written by Valev Laube.

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Being a part of modern Europe every country tries to modernize and improve the condition of their people. Economy is getting stable in most of the European countries and conditions are very good. Having no war and good geographical position makes everything even better for countries to focus on their people – to make the world a bit better place to live. Talking about Estonia, we discover that our young country tries hard to get to the same positions as other western countries by creating new laws, trying to be an exemplary democratic country is a mission that has already been accomplished. Only one problem remains, Are people are also developing as fast as the country itself is?
We cannot change the past, but we can make our future better. At this point, where Estonia has been independent for more than 20 years we can see the results – youth. Young people are big part of society that represents Estonia and the values and traditions which Estonians have. We can find students who actively participate and want to change with the changing and advancing world. Students have raised their voice for many times to increase teachers’ salaries and to improve educations-system, but not every time we see that they are well entertained. Good example was on 2011 when two student unions raised their voice to change the education policy. Government didn’t use almost any solution that students offered. And may be that is why people were skeptical and mostly distrustful towards the government. Can we conclude that government is not listening to the citizens? May be yes!
On the other hand we can say that there are certain topics were society expects young to listened, because they are right!
In many cases we can say, that young politicians are not smart enough to cope with difficulties, but it also brings up a new problem. Should government only listen to smart and qualified people of the society? Can only qualified people see the problems of society? As a student who has lived most of his life in Estonia I would say that if government wants country to be a country of everyone, then everyone should have a right to be heard and share his/her views. The Feeling that we are valued and respected part of society makes us, The young people, to go back to our country after studying abroad.
Ethically it is accepted that every person has a right to express his/her opinion, but still there are a lot of such things and such problems were society doesn’t accept or expect to have the opinion of younger generation. Valuing everyone’s opinion unites people and creates patriotism, and may be it is “the” way to solve any and every problem in the most efficient way possible because we, the youngsters are the nation builders, the soul protectors of our soil, our country, our honour!

This post is written by Valev Laube who is an Estonian. Interests Include: Politics, student activism, Folk music, Designing, Computers.

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