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Guest post written by Alveena Jadoon.

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I am one of the silent readers and mostly prefer not airing my views especially regarding the ever growing issues of our country, Pakistan, but what
was exhibited on September 21, 2012 “Yom-e-Ishq-e-Rasool”(The day to show love for the Prophet PBUH) in theory, was undeniably the most humiliating act I have ever witnessed.

Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H is without a doubt the most respectable personality and anyone who tries to show disrespect we would definitely raise our
voice againt him. Yom-e-Ishq-e-Rasool was supposed to be about the Muslim world uniting protesting peacefully, against the ones who used their
freedom of “expression” against us, but here in Pakistan it was total anarchy. What was even more shameful was that people were using their right to
protest to publicly loot the passersby. The policemen were helpless as there were scores of people doing just that in the name of Islam. Those
deceivers didn’t even have the courage to show their faces because they knew that they had people back home who would question them but they
forgot that they would be answerable for it one day or the other.

Each one of them proved to the world the we are the so called “terrorists” and any act of violence can be exhibited only by us. We used to blame
activist groups here in Pakistan for all the unlawful activities but I’m guessing those activists must have had quite an entertaining day as we ourselves
were doing their job. A very negative part was played by our media too. 95% of the protests that were carried out in the country were done quite
peacefully but all that was told to us was “Pakistani-people-going-crazy-destroying-their-own-country”. Not a single word was said about protests
being carried out peacefully and that really is heartbreaking because our media represents us and that’s all they enjoy portraying, “we-the-terrorists”.

I remember reading about South Asia back in grade 5. Our teacher used to tell us that the first urban civilization was set up in South Asia. We had
the most sophisticated societies while the West were in animal skin. The Egyptians may have been great at building pyramids but the construction of
our cities was very well ahead.

Looking at our country today, I seriously doubt that. Not just me, no one would ever believe that. I don’t deny the fact that there are many groups truly
working for the welfare of our country but all of that is somewhat shadowed by all the extremist activities and that’s what we’re known for today.

The millitancy trend that we see today in our country is due to our “renowned” leader, General Zia-ul-Haq. Our leader put in a lot of effort creating
these groups to work for them. There are orgainizations working, each preaching their own brand of Islam and that is going to lead us no where.

We are in real need of a change felllows and it all depends on us because once we enter the mainstream we’d be making the exact mistakes that
our ancestors made and I’m sure nobody of us wants that. We want to leave behind a better Pakistan for generations to see.

What we need in Pakistan today is a strong government which can stand up for us. Two rival families have been leading this country for eons now and
we need better leaders now but for that we need to change ourselves first because our government is the tru representative of us. What they do on a
large scale is what each one of us does on a minor scale.
The millitancy trend should be exempted from the society. Organizations should be de-weaponized and the sales of ordnance should be carried out
under intense supervision. The “Madrassas” preaching their own brand of Islam should be banned from working and proper modern educationa and
true Islamism should be enforced. Awareness should be given to those being brainwashed. Millitant groups working for the political parties spread
extreme terror among the people and that should be stopped. The judiciary of the country should have complete freedom to make the right decisions.
People preaching extremisim should be punished and public flogging or even capital punishment for them does not seem a bad idea so that next
time whoever tries to indulge in such activities may think twice before taking such a step.

I know it seem like a lot to do and it is but we have to try and change, if not today then someday maybe because we can’t keep going on like this. We
can start by taking baby steps i.e first changing ourselves and for that each day and each second counts. Only then can we, as a nation, bring a
…I’m ready for that change, are you?!

This post is written by Alveena Jadoon who is a Pakistani. Interests Include: Reading, Playing baseball, Internet Surfing.

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