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During the summer of 2012 two students from Pakistan, Asad Jamal Malik and Jehanzeb Mirza, decided to start taking action to change the world by creating the Project Unify. Never imagining that this could ever make a difference.LO6A0072

Similar initial aim, different progress

Looking into the face of big corporations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and many more, we see how many of them started from a small thing. Reasons of starting a project can vary, but they often have a same simple and powerful goal – make a world to be a better place for all of us. Facing those companies now we might doubt if peace and better future for all of us is still the main aim and idea. We all changed our perspectives, so did they, by creating an empire which changed its direction right after main goal was accomplished, or was it?

Idea of a better world

The idea of a better world, which used to be so clear for the initiators of huge empires is nowadays something much simpler and more engaging than twenty years ago. If during the world war small number of us thought to know the perfect way of ruling a society, 20 years ago bigger number of people took action to change the world by creating innovative products and movements, then now it seems to be like it is finally time for all of us to take a step forward and be concerned about peace and people around us.

Youth interpretation of peace

The idea that was started in 2012 by two Pakistani is just one of many tries to make a world a better place, but the only one to appreciate every single person in the world who classifies himself to be a next generation citizen. Project Unify is a peace movement, which aims to eliminate misconceptions about countries, cultures and nationalities. It gives a voice to youth from all over the world to reflect their countries in a best possible way, kindly note that the media often does not give a clear picture about the place.

It is not all just about articles, introductions or shorter posts about recent incidences in different countries, but it is about giving everyone a chance to reflect the modern look about any country in the world. By that every single person will be the new revolutionary Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or the contributor to a better world.

Misconceptions are the reasons for conflicts to arise

We all know what is going on in Iraq, we study history and we understand other people. If all of that would be true, then why the world never stops fighting? Since when do we allow us to judge anyone on any of the countries, which don ‘t follow the rules of ours? Taking decisions that affect other people would not be as harmful, if we would know the full story about people and countries. Looking into the eyes of every single person on earth, while deciding that their way of living is not good enough, and asking from them what do they think about all of that, would prevent many conflicts.

Peace is not a thing that should be taken for granted, if is something that we need to fight for and never forget how it feels to be respected and free. Writing an article, contributing to any of peace movements or even just talking with a person who we have never talked to, can save families together, people alive and friendly.


Looking into the eye of another person, reading their story, no matter where they are from, is the only secret to remain peaceful. It is every person’s responsibility to not only care about their life and success, but see that we all live here as equals and no matter where you come from, you deserve as much as any other person.

Project Unify, as a youth movement aims to provide information for the next generation citizens to fight with false and ignorant images about many of our countries. It brings together people who have never seen each other and makes them work together to contribute to a better future.


Project unify – unifying perspectives, unifying the world

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