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Guest post written by Giuliana De Polo.

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It’s very common for a government to have people in favor and people against it. There is no way that the entire population agrees with the politic system in charge, or at least here in Argentina. In fact, the opinions about it are extremely opposite. You can find someone who accept, support and almost love the present President and someone who, and I’m not exaggerating, hate her and wish her the worst.
A few days ago, a large number of persons congregated in their respective provinces at the same time in what we call a “Cacerolazo” (the name is referred to the metallic pots that people use to make noise, in Spanish, cacerolas). It basically consisted in a pacific march that the population organized to express their disagreement with the government choices. This event generated a huge media response: newspapers talking about it, Tv notes, facebook filled with all kind of messages… Everybody wanted to inform something, give their own opinions, and know what reaction would this caused.
While I was reading and hearing the two “sides” speeches and claims, I realized that: first, they talk about fear. “We’re not afraid of you” said the people to the President; “You’re not going to get me nervous” said the President to the people. Second, and although it wasn’t any violent incident during the march, I noticed arrogance and disrespect. Arrogance and disrespect in the President speech, seeing the people’s claim as a provocation instead of a way of express their disagreements. Arrogance and disrespect in the population who was against her, who used insults and sarcasm instead of respectful language. I was in that march, and although I consider that it was great to see so many people all together for a good cause (IT’S MY PERSONAL OPINION, I DON’T WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE) I am not proud of the way of expressing our claims. Come on, you can’t fight arrogance with arrogance.
We have a big issue of respect. We shouldn´t even think of being afraid or not of a democratic government. Yes, there are different opinions of what should be the best for our country, and yes, it’s not possible to please absolutely everyone. But this is not a race, or a competition. Argentina is not a prize that someone has to win. It’s a country, ONE country. There shouldn’t be enemies. We all, politicians and citizens, should learn to communicate and discuss in an appropriate way. RESPECT should be the base of any discussion. I’m completely sure that it’s the only way of finding a decent solution to any problem.

This post is written by Giuliana De Polo who is an Argentinian. Interests Include: write a lot, read books, cooking, hanging out with friends, travelling when it’s possible, psychology, learn about differences between cultures.

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