To celebrate our first milestone we will be glad to receive your stories about the first year. Share stories about how our project helped you as an individual to know more about the world and how it created a positive difference in your community or country?

Ambassador of Argentina, Giuliana De Polo: The “Welcome to the World” ticket


Giuliana De Polo

I’m a dreamer. I have to admit it. My whole life I have had this idea of traveling around, knowing people from different places, discovering their culture, helping the ones in need. I’ve also met people who have told me to get real and realize that it’s a hard thing to do. “Because of the money, of the job, of the studies, of the mood”… Everyone can choose the excuse that like the most.

But getting back to the story, I had this dream, but I wasn’t able to actually do something about it. I was starting to feel that it was only a teenager’s fool idea. And then this project came up to me. Suddenly I was writing about my country, people across the world could know about it, talking with an awesome guy from Pakistan, arranging a video-call in my school… I truly felt it was the first step of many towards my dream.

Now I’m about to take another step, a very big one to be honest. However, I’ll always remember that moment, that precise minute when I realized that the universe, or God or the destiny or whatever is there, was giving me this big- gold- totally imaginary ticket, with a meaningful “Welcome to the World” written on it.

Ambassador of Greece, Angelos Ang