Project Unify is a peace movement, which aims to remove misconceptions between different countries and nations.

Jehanzeb Mirza


Jehanzeb Mirza, co-founder of the Project Unify is a young social entrepreneur and student from Pakistan.DSC_0613-001 Interested in an aeronautical engineer and playing guitar. Being a photographer, web designer and many other things have created a consistent development and progress for the whole project.

– Project Unify, co-founder. – Ambassador of Pakistan at The Best Travelled – Graduate of Winnington School.

Contact: Homepage, Facebook, Twitter

Asad Jamal Malik


AsadAsad Jamal Malik, co-founder of the Project Unify is a student at the United World College of Maastricht, originally from Pakistan. He has tried learning many different things (web design, guitar, blogging, graphic works and photography to name a few). Changing technologies and talks about the future are his inspirations for making a change in the world.

– Project Unify, co-founder. (Currently not included in the working body of the Project) – Initiator of TOSS (Teenagers’ Organization for Social Service)- Student of the United World College of Maastricht – Founding member of UWC’s Social Entrepreneurship Incubator

Homepage, Facebook, Twitter

If you think you have something to offer to the Project Unify team and want to be a part of it. Please contact us through our email address “”.