Every country is unique in its own way. We just have to learn to ACCEPT & RESPECT the differences.

What is Project Unify?

Project Unify is a peace movement, which aims to remove misconceptions between different countries and nationalities. Errors in your knowledge about other countries and cultures is the many reasons why it is hard to start tolerating, accepting and living side by side with people from different backgrounds. Project Unify, like many other knowledge and awareness programs, presents unique articles written by the new young generation about their countries, expressing the true reflection of their background.

The project was initiated in August 2012 by two students from Pakistan; Asad Jamal Malik & Jehanzeb Mirza. Read more about the team!

What is Project Unify’s Aim?

In today’s world, the Electronic Media portraits a certain image of a specific area in our mind based on some issues, which do not necessarily represent the whole area, due to which misconceptions arise in the minds of the people. Project Unify’s main aim is to remove these misconceptions from minds of people so that they can see the world from a more broader prospective and in turn we believe that this is the need of the hour and the base which need to be laid on which the building of mutual cooperation and a peaceful world will stand.

Our aim is to replace false misconceptions with genuine and modern ways of building up a tolerance between countries and nationalities.

“A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character” Martin Luther King, Jr.

How will this project remove misconceptions?

To accomplish world without misconceptions we want to make people discuss situations and cultural understandings from all countries of the world to come forward and be proud of their cultures as well as tolerating others. Ambassador program is one way of contributing to the project. Project Unify will provide a platform to represent countries to remove misconceptions and misunderstandings which people have in minds.

Ambassadors, being committed, will take part in virtual debates, presentations, discussions and write an extensive article about their country which will include information about its culture, traditions, background, history and much more. They will especially focus on the misconceptions and clear them out.

Can I become a part of this project?

Sure you can! You can represent your country and help make the world a peaceful and well acknowledged place. You can get information about your responsibilities as an ambassador, our requirements from the ambassador site.

Final Words

All the hatred in the world is due to the ambiguous thinking of people about a certain country or region. They seem to judge that whole country on their point of view. Sharing and caring about our heritage is a good way to make the world a better place to live in.

No wonder how much advanced this civilization becomes and how much ground they have acquired in the scientific field, this world will not become better despite the advancements unless and until, we become a better generation for a better future ahead.

Life is short; do something good until the time allows you to”